The Country Friends History

2024 marks a significant milestone for The Country Friends as they celebrate 70 years of dedicated service. The Country Friends has remained steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the lives of those in need within the San Diego Community.

By championing local charities and fostering a spirit of unity and compassion, the organization has continuously strived to make a positive impact. Guided by its mission of “Helping San Diegans since 1954 :: One Hand at a Time,” The Country Friends raises funds through various avenues, with the Art of Fashion and its Rancho Santa Fe consignment shop being the primary sources. These funds play a crucial role in supporting a wide range of essential services, including meal programs, educational workshops for low-income families, emergency assistance for survivors of sexual assault, rehabilitation programs for victims of human trafficking, outreach initiatives for breast cancer, therapy for foster children, and numerous other life-changing endeavors. Throughout the organization’s journey, hundreds of dedicated volunteers have selflessly contributed countless hours, resulting in the remarkable achievement of raising nearly 15 million dollars for numerous deserving charities in San Diego.

Photo Credit: Gilda Adler Photography

President – Janean Stripe

Janean Stripe, an 18-year member of The Country Friends (TCF) Board of Directors, is the new president of the Rancho Santa Fe-based nonprofit. Stripe, who has long served as the organization’s treasurer and chief financial officer, succeeds Suzanne Newman, who stepped down after a four-year term but continues to serve as first vice president.

Stripe, a certified financial planner and senior wealth manager with Lucia Capital Group, has worked in the industry for three decades and has been recognized as a five-star wealth manager for the past ten years.

Stripe notes that The Country Friends has donated nearly $15 million to San Diego County-based charities since it was founded in 1954, with special emphasis on causes that benefit women, children, the elderly, military families, and the disabled. It is an honor to serve as president of a grassroots nonprofit that has provided crucial funding to so many worthy causes for nearly seven decades,” Stripe says. “I look forward to continuing this important work. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of so many.”

Stripe also serves on the USD School of Business Advisory Board, as well as the boards of A Step Beyond, Santa Fe Christian Schools, The Barnabas Group, Science and Faith Alliance, and DCPI (Dynamic Church Planting International).

She is married to Tim Stripe, co-president of Grand Pacific Resorts in Carlsbad. The longtime Fairbanks Ranch residents have two married daughters and three grandchildren.



President Janean Stripe
First Vice President Suzanne M. Newman
Second Vice President – Human Care Funding Marci Cavanaugh
Third Vice President – Director of Operations Yvette Letourneau
Treasurer Linda Block
Parliamentarian Deborah Cross
Recording Secretary Valerie Parker


Area Director Christina Macone-Green
Area Director Linda Sansone
Creative Director Sage Billick
HCF Co-Director Jolene Davidison
Honoring & Remembrance Jean Waters
At Large Board Member Laura MacKinnon
Publicity Co-Director Andrea Naverson
Publicity Director Mia Park
Special Events Co-Director Tamara Lafarga-Joseph
Special Events Director Maggie Bobileff
Volunteer Director Lolly Sangster
Shop Volunteer Keilene Hayward